“No it isn’t your average “oh! Let’s eat out” restaurant. We won’t even call it a restaurant to begin with. Let’s call it a lifestyle instead, shall we? “

Review Snippet from the Definitive American Culinary Guide

Experience an atypical few hours, away from the hustle and bustle of daily mediocrity at Amalia. From the moment you enter and are ushered to your seats to the time you finish your Italian wine and the last few laughs, you will come to understand all that ancient Mediterranean life was all about.

We have a strict no gadget rule enforced to ensure you truly take in all that we have to offer. Live music, mostly instrumental reminiscent of the Greeks and Italians, impromptu magic minutes, and let’s not forget the dance floor – we are more than just another restaurant.

Of course, when it comes down to the food, we mean pure business. Fresh ingredients, daily chef’s specials and a whole range of delicacies coupled with exquisite Italian wine. Dining should be serious but everything else should be frivolous and fun.